Personal Injury

Plaintiff, Attorney, Insurance Company.

Psychiatric / Neurologic Injury

Legal personal injury cases require clear evidence of psychiatric or neurological
injury, which may manifest in various forms of mental impairment, suffering, damage, or dysfunction. Commonly, causes for such injuries may be the result of either a negligent/intentional action or the failure to act.

To pass the medical threshold for a legal claim, an assessment of the psychological injury must show that the degree of disturbance is such that it interferes significantly with the individual’s ability to function.

John M. Stalberg, M.D., J.D. is also trained to evaluate the medical causes and consequences of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), concussions, or other serious head wounds.

Applying the highest professional standards, Dr. Stalberg conducts comprehensive evaluations that will withstand legal scrutiny. In administering the appropriate psychological testing, he establishes rapport with the claimant while maintaining objectivity, and is able to detect credibility, or lack thereof, or other response biases. He attempts to detect the absence or presence of preexisting impairment.