Sports Injuries

Worker, Employer, Attorney, Insurer.

“Doc” is a lifelong sports enthusiast

“Doc” Stalberg has been a lifelong sports enthusiast with first-hand insight into the risks and rewards of the professional athlete.

Forensic evaluators assessing fitness for duty, brain injury, personal injury, or workers’ comp, are mandated to be knowledgeable about the occupation of the examinee.

As it translates to sports injuries, Dr. Stalberg has been deeply enmeshed in all major sports as a participant, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, and football, since the age of six.

He has played in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Panama with many retired MLB players. He remains, to this date, an enthralled participant and fan of all sports.

As a result, he developed an intimate knowledge of professional athletes’ extraordinary physical abilities and, more importantly, the psyche of the professional athlete. Further, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of individual players’ stats, on and off-field activities, injuries, including CTE, and contributions to the game.

“Doc” Stalberg has attended the LA Dodgers Adult Base Ball Camp in Vero Beach, Florida, for 14 years, where he interacted and played with and against hundreds of professional players, including managers and coaches. He had ready access to training areas where injured players were treated.

He brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when utilizing his professional expertise in forensic psychiatry, legal experience, and extensive medical training to bridge the gap between employer and employee athlete. In this manner, Doc develops a clinical relationship to explore and evaluate sports injuries applicable to a variety of med-legal questions.